Watercolor Commissions


The Price Listed Above Covers the Deposit Fee.


Watercolor Commissions Are Priced per Paper Size. Please read more for full prices.



Base - 8" x 8" = $65

Medium - 9"x12" = $110

Large - 11" x 14" = $155

XL - 16" x 20" = $320

XXL - 22" x 30" = $660



Important Information About Prices:

This price consists of only the deposit fee of the commission, which is required in order for me to begin the commission. 

An invoice for 60% of the fee will be issued when the painting is halfway to completion. Failure to submit payment before the due date listed on the invoice will result in a cease of all work until payment has been made.


A final invoice will be issued upon approved completion. This fee will include shipping cost as well as 30% of the remaining fee.


The pricing breakdown is as follows:


$50 (Deposit Fee ) is due upfront

60%  (Progress Installment) is due when the painting is nearly complete

30% (Remaining Cost) + Shipping is due upon completion


If, for any reason, I am unable to fulfill your commission, you will be refunded 100%.


Please see Additional Info Sections before completing purchase.

  • Expected Time of Completion

    Base Medium-Large XL

    Wait time:

    2-3 Days

    Wait time:

    1 weeks

    Wait time:

    2-3 weeks

    Please understand that these estimates do not include the consultation period, during which the artist will be contacting the recipient for details and concept approval of final painting.

    *time estimates are subject to change depending on artist's availability

  • Submitting a Request

    Once requests are submitted, I will contact you to conduct a thorough consultation, including color preferences and any other details not included in the original request.

    Please keep in mind:

    • Hi-resolution Photographs for real portraits are required.
    • For fanart portraits, images are welcome but not required.
    • Always be as DETAILED as possible.


    Please email all reference photographs and additional details to info@mayramartinezart.com by including your name and date in the subject field of the email.