Oil Painting Commissions


The Price Listed Above Covers the Deposit Fee.


Oil Commissions Are Priced per Canvas Size. Please read more for full prices.



8x8 - $130

10x10- $200

11x20- $440

20x30 - $1200




Important Information About Prices:

This price consists of only the deposit fee of the commission, which is required in order for me to begin the commission. 

An invoice for 60% of the fee will be issued when the painting is halfway to completion. Failure to submit payment before the due date listed on the invoice will result in a cease of all work until payment has been made.


A final invoice will be issued upon approved completion. This fee will include shipping cost as well as 30% of the remaining fee.


The pricing breakdown is as follows:


$50 (Deposit Fee ) is due upfront

60%  (Progress Installment) is due when the painting is nearly complete

30% (Remaining Cost) + Shipping is due upon completion


If, for any reason, I am unable to fulfill your commission, you will be refunded 100%.


Please see Additional Info Sections before completing purchase.

  • Expected Time of Completion

    A minimum of ONE MONTH should be expected in the painting process of all paintings. For larger paintings, expect a longer delay to account for increased drying times to avoid damaging the painting. Keep in mind that oil paint takes a much longer time to dry thoroughly than watercolor, even when the painting is dry to the touch.

    Do NOT expect a painting to be shipped out in less than one month, as paintings may sustain heavy damage in the shipping process, which shall not be refunded.

    Please understand that these estimates do not include the consultation period, during which the artist will be contacting the recipient for details and concept approval of the final painting.

    *time estimates are subject to change depending on the artist's availability

  • Submitting a Request

    Once requests are submitted, I will contact you to conduct a thorough consultation, including color preferences and any other details not included in the original request.

    Please keep in mind:

    • Hi-resolution Photographs for real portraits are required.
    • For fanart portraits, images are welcome but not required.
    • Always be as DETAILED as possible.


    Please email all reference photographs and additional details to info@mayramartinezart.com by including your name and date in the subject field of the email.

  • Varnishing

    No painting shipped within a year of completion shall be varnished beyond a spray-on application of UV Archival Varnish.

    Standard drying times for oil paintings vary depending on size and may take up to 6-months to be dry enough for final varnishing.

    Varnishing is available upon request, however, please expect a minimum of 3 months delay.